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Substance Abuse Treatment

Evzio (Naloxone)

Evzio is the first step in assisting someone who has overdosed. It is a portable autoinjector filled with naloxone that patients and their family members can keep on hand to help save a life. Opioid overdoses have become an epidemic in the U.S., and we want all of our patients to be prepared to prevent an overdose. All Rehabilitation Care Group patients will be given a prescription for Evzio. The staff will try to obtain prior authorizations for patients with insurance so they do not need to pay for this medication out of pocket. If a patient's family member would like a prescription, please let our staff know.

Some Important Information About Evzio & Other Forms of Naloxone

1. Evzio is an injectable form of naloxone. This medication reverses overdoses by overthrowing the opioid receptors in the brain. Patients may begin to breathe more normally and wake up after they are injected with the medication. Call 911 as soon as possible for continued care.
2. People injected with naloxone will usually be agitated and sick upon waking. By blocking the opioid receptors in the brain, the medicine essentially puts the patient into withdrawal. It does this to prevent life-threatening brain damage or respiratory arrest.
3. Depending on the amount of opioids in a person's system, they may need multiple injections to fully wake them up. Don't worry about using up your Evzio. We will be happy to write you another prescription if you ever need to use your original prescription.
4. Post-injection, the overdose victim needs to go to the emergency room for further treatment. Naloxone's effects are temporary and a person can begin overdosing again when they wear off. Even if the person is awake and says they feel fine, you need to either take them to the hospital or call an ambulance.
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