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How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Alcohol Abuse Problem

Alcohol abuse is a prominent problem in the United States and other countries. While many people think that their drinking is not a problem and only affects them, the truth is that problematic drinking is often not recognized by abusers and affects everyone around them. There may come a time an intervention is needed, but many people are unaware of how to approach the situation, especially with their loved ones.

Start Sober

Never attempt to hold a conversation of this import when the person is under the influence. Wait until that person is sober and alert.

Personalize the Conversation

Let the person know that you are affected by using statements that begin with “I.”

Avoid Accusations

Don’t attack the person or put him or her on the defensive. Use the opportunity to talk about specific behaviors that the person has exhibited.

Seek Support

There is a high likelihood that a loved one may initially deny the existence of a problem or try to excuse his or her behavior. In the cases where the negative behavior continues, it is important to engage with other people who can empathize with the same position.
Alcohol abuse is a hard topic to talk about. It has also been classified as a disease, which means that, like mental illness, it is hard to treat. For more information on starting the conversation, contact Rehabilitation Care Group Inc. today.

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